‘Relentless’ ad campaign

We’ve been discussing the new Relentless advertising that’s been doing the rounds for a few weeks now. Ben’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker, and loves the dark, heavily stylised (and high budget!) atmosphere that borrows from current films like 300.

Steve isn’t so sure – he reckons something simpler would grab the target market’s attention. This is how he’d do it – 30 seconds of BMX stunt rider Danny McAskill performing some of his insane tricks, followed by the Relentless logo…

What do people reckon works best?

It’s already achieved a sale here, anyway…


1 thought on “‘Relentless’ ad campaign

  1. When I first started out, Mac software and even Macs themselves were limited at best and I can remember when Photoshop didn’t have things like ‘History’, ‘Actions’ and even ‘Layers’ (Yep, that’s right kids – Photoshop with no Layers, how did we ever cope!), so over the years it’s fascinated me how the design process and design it’s self has changed with the continuous advancements in software such as the Adobe programs. But, out of all this technological development, remains one truth – no matter how many blurs, filters, effects, digital whistles, bells and kitchen sinks you chuck at a project – a crap idea will always remain a crap idea.

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