Roof Rowing

Wacky gastronomical theatre-makers Bompas & Parr were responsible for an event to launch Truvia at Selfridges. It’s one of the brands that uses stevia, a plant found across America, to make a natural sweetener that has no effect on blood sugar levels. We’re currently working with a drinks product that uses the ingredient, so you can expect to see plenty of foods using stevia before long!

Truvia Voyage Of Discovery

It’s not the first time boats have been seen on the rooftops of London though – the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward Gallery saw a balcony transformed into a mini-lake

We’re wondering if the Marlow Place roof might be good for a spot of rowing…


VW – The Dark Side

Guillaume had to use his Jedi mind tricks yesterday to get past the Stormtroopers who’d taken over Old Street. He thought the stunt was a promo for VW – turns out it was guerilla slander by Greenpeace. If anything it might work in VW’s favour as initially it seems like a great piece of viral marketing for their new cars. Perhaps this was a little too well done for the environmental group?

‘Relentless’ ad campaign

We’ve been discussing the new Relentless advertising that’s been doing the rounds for a few weeks now. Ben’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker, and loves the dark, heavily stylised (and high budget!) atmosphere that borrows from current films like 300.

Steve isn’t so sure – he reckons something simpler would grab the target market’s attention. This is how he’d do it – 30 seconds of BMX stunt rider Danny McAskill performing some of his insane tricks, followed by the Relentless logo…

What do people reckon works best?

It’s already achieved a sale here, anyway…