From Darkness

You know how when you’re in a dark pub or bar and someone takes a photo with a flash when you’re not expecting it – never a good look. Photographer Ulf Lundin takes this to the ultimate extreme, by sitting people in complete darkness for half an hour, before then taking a flash photograph of their faces. Creepy waxwork-likeness results… 

Ulf Lundin – From Darkness


Roof Rowing

Wacky gastronomical theatre-makers Bompas & Parr were responsible for an event to launch Truvia at Selfridges. It’s one of the brands that uses stevia, a plant found across America, to make a natural sweetener that has no effect on blood sugar levels. We’re currently working with a drinks product that uses the ingredient, so you can expect to see plenty of foods using stevia before long!

Truvia Voyage Of Discovery

It’s not the first time boats have been seen on the rooftops of London though – the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward Gallery saw a balcony transformed into a mini-lake

We’re wondering if the Marlow Place roof might be good for a spot of rowing…